Preparing For Your Newborn Session

Newborn girl with gray

First, let me say congratulations on the new addition to your family! Thank you for choosing Karen D Photography to capture these special moments of baby's first few weeks of life. I love squishy little babies so much and it is truly a blessing to spend time with your miracle and preserve memories for you and your family for years to come.

Some helpful tips to prepare for our shoot are listed below:

Before the shoot if possible, please feed baby 2 or so hours prior to my scheduled arrival time and plan on feeding baby again as soon as I get there and set up. 

Try to not let baby sleep too much beforehand, instead maybe give them a sponge bath, let them kick with only a diaper on, tickle their toes, and even fuss a little. This will help ensure those squishy, sleepy newborn pictures!

It is very important to try and keep baby awake before our session if you are hoping to get those sleepy posed shots. Of course, no matter what, we will capture images you and your family will treasure forever and some wide awake photos are beautiful too if baby is alert and awake during the some of the session.

Remember you are a big part of the show as well. Photographing the connection between you and baby is one of my favorite things too. Your hands will be making their way into the photos, so please have your nails looking the way you would like them photographed. 

newborn baby boy

As for family wardrobe, I always suggest dressing in black, white, or solid neutral colored tops. Please do not wear anything with logos or patterns which can be very distracting and take away attention from baby and you. Keeping it nice and simple will ensure the focus of the images will be on baby and family. Please also be sure to avoid wrinkles and any extra fabric that may distract from baby. 

mom dad baby st. louis newborn

As for baby's wardrobe, please dress baby in something easy to slip off with zippers/buttons closures or even with just a diaper swaddled in a blanket if they are comfortable. I will bring a few wraps and blankets to use on baby, but if you have a favorite outfit or blanket you would like baby photographed in, please have it and any other props you would like to include such as a favorite toy or stuffed animal. 

st. louis newborn baby boy with stuffed elephant

Please note that I will be bringing along lots of patience with my equipment and props! If baby needs to eat, snuggle or have diaper changes, baby will have just that. Baby's safety and comfort are of upmost importance. 

Please let me know once you have delivered baby (as soon as possible) so that we can determine if you be home from the hospital the day we have initially chosen for the session or if any changes need to be made. We can then finalize what time will work best for your family and also schedule the ordering session as well. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me! I want you and your family to feel completely comfortable during this time so please do not do anything that makes you uncomfortable.