New Website and Blog

Hello world!

It has taken a while to get everything built, but it's finally here! My long overdue brand new website and blog and I am so happy it has finally been released. If you are not familiar with Karen D Photography LLC, I am located in St. Louis, Missouri and offer a variety of photographic services. Come on in, take a look around and, if you like what you see, shoot me an email and let's plan your session.

I'd like to tell you a bit about myself if you are new to my site. I discovered my love of taking photos after my first child was born, my son. Soon after, I started studies through New York Institute of Photography. That was nearly 20 year ago! Back then, there was no such thing as digital cameras or phone cameras *gasp*, can you even imagine? Every photo taken was on film so you couldn't just take a picture, look at the back of the camera and take another picture if you didn't like that one. You had to take a whole roll of film (typically 24 exposures if I remember right), and then take that completed roll and turn it into a lab, wait days or weeks depending on where you took it to get back your 4x6 prints and negatives. Once you got your photos back from the lab, THEN you could see if your pictures turned out good or not! Fast forward to the digital age and the photos are on the back of your screen. Sometimes I miss the old film days and I have hung on to my film camera, but have not gotten it out and dusted it off in a very long time. Hmmm, actually writing this makes want to do that. I'll have to think about doing a personal project on film. That could make for some interesting blog posts. Although the digital age has certainly spoiled me!

Ok I completely got off topic back there. So, I studied through NYIP and began taking photos for friends and family just for fun. I found out years later that I was pretty much what people were calling "mom togs", so maybe I was among the first ones! I'm not sure how or why that phrase was coined, but I was a young mother and was still trying to figure out my path and I think my children helped me discover that path. Fast forward a few years and, life got busy with 2 kids, a husband, a dog, a day job, and a new home! My children became involved in sports and I enjoyed being able to volunteer as a coach for both of them. Life was so busy that my photography hobby was unintentially put on hold. 

I picked my camera up again in 2008, this time with a digital version. I also refreshed my skills through groups, photo clubs, and lots of tutorials on youtube (still do today).  Fast forward to today, and here I am with a brand new website and ready to capture your beautiful moments and turn them into treasures you'll cherish for years to come!