My name is Karen and I am the founder and photographer behind Karen D Photography. 

 I believe that portraits are a cherished possession to be passed down for generations. I love seeing old photographs from when my grandparents were growing up. Will your grandchildren have actual photos to hold, or just a worn out cd or flash drive that doesn't work with the current technology? Print everything because prints have proven to last over time and technology.  

Let the children be themselves for the portraits, because they are after all, only little for such a short time. Each child has such unique personalities, I love to let them play and have fun while taking their photographs.

I love babies, they are so squishy and perfect! It is so much fun to be able to cuddle precious little ones while capturing their first photographs.

I love photographing high school seniors. They will begin a transition from high school student to graduate in a few short months. The whole world is at their fingertips. I love capturing them during this time; to not only capture their beauty, but also the hope and excitement for the future. 

So schedule your appointment today and let's capture those moments and memories to be cherished and handed down for years to come!